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WHAT IS OSMIUM.CENTER? OSMIUM.CENTER is a new generation investment platform. Our platform will suit absolutely anyone, even a novice investor! High income, short terms and instant round-the-clock payments are aimed at full satisfaction of investors' financial needs around the world. You will receive 15% of the amount of your deposit daily for 10 Business days! In this case, you can withdraw funds even on weekends. Only 10 Business days and you will receive 50% of net profit from the amount of your investment. The deposit is included in the accruals.
WHAT IS OUR BUSINESS? OSMIUM LTD is the holder of shares of large factories producing and processing expensive metals. We also deal with the purchase and sale of metals themselves. Volatility on commodity exchanges is not as high as on currency or crypto-exchanges, but very impressive prices per gram, bring an excellent profit. And we have privileges in the purchase price, as we are shareholders. In the nearest future the company plans to expand its turnover, purchase controlling stakes in Kazakhstan, and merge plants under the general brand OSMIUM LTD.
88 Wood Street, London, United Kingdom, EC2V 7RS Company Number: #11073849 Click here to View Certificate CHECK COMPANY
Start date: 10.12.2017 12:00

Days working: 37

Total members: 3 102
Total invested: 145 298.00

Total withdrawal: 53 176.80

Referral bonuses: 5 444.28
Total invested: 7.28757355

Total withdrawal: 3.06239010

Referral bonuses: 0.25437731
Last registration: 16.01.2018 19:37

Last deposit: 16.01.2018 22:19

Last withdrawal: 16.01.2018 20:04
FAST INCOME One of the most profitable and fast investment plans in the industry.
INSTANT OPERATIONS All deposits, referral bonuses and withdrawals, work in an instant mode 24/7.
DATA PROTECTION Dedicated server, SSL certificate, protection from Ddos attacks ensure the smooth operation of the site.
PROFESSIONAL TEAM Experienced traders and osmium production plants bring a confident profit.
DETAILED STATISTICS Transparent project statistics, at all stages of cooperation.
WITHOUT CONVERSION We do not convert bitcoin into dollars and vice versa. Bitcoin deposits are accounted for separately.
STABLE MARKETING We charge interest only on working days, when we earn ourselves.
NEW TECHNOLOGIES The project implemented the functions of autoreinvest and autorefback.
FRIENDLY SUPPORT We are always glad to every conversion. Use telegram, e-mail or social networks for communication.
We offer a two-level partnership program. Invite friends and acquaintances, advertise your referral link and get 5% of the amount of the deposit from the personally invited people. Your friends and acquaintances will also invite new people, they will be your 2nd level referrals! You will receive 3% once from the amount of their deposit. Referral reward is calculated at the moment when your referral makes a deposit. Referral reward is charged in the payment system in which the referral made a deposit.
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Marthy12 16.01.2018 10.00
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Marthy12 16.01.2018 10.00
Fabrice 16.01.2018 9.00
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MAJYCAY 16.01.2018 9.00
hedo39 16.01.2018 20.00
Stefantanja 16.01.2018 0.01220000
Investor 16.01.2018 0.00750000
azeshkov 16.01.2018 6.00
ijjam 16.01.2018 5.25
puiu_fr 16.01.2018 500.00
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ijjam 16.01.2018 6.00
chaoticingenuity 16.01.2018 0.00700000
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Osman 15.01.2018 0.00525000
OSMIUMLTD 923.59 / 0.03444495
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